Reverse Cycle Split Systems

Panasonic Reverse Cycle Split Systems

DaikinPeninsula Air Conditioning uses and recommends Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioning supplied by Panasonic and Daikin.

Reverse cycle split systems are an economical way to heat or cool single rooms, but aren’t recommended for whole home or office solutions.

Reverse cycle split system air conditioning gives the occupants easy access to a temperature control system that can change the temperature quickly and efficiently.  These systems also tend to provide heating and cooling with minimal noise.

Peninsula Air Conditioning works with each of our customers to ensure you receive the best air conditioning solution to suit your home or business situation.  Here’s a snapshot of what the reverse cycle wall split system is all about.

Split system vs window or wall installation

One of the main reasons to opt for a split system, rather than a unit that’s installed directly into a wall or window is noise.  Split system air conditioning, if installed and maintained properly, should be able to heat and cool your home or office with a minimum of noise.  This is because there are two parts (as the name suggests) – one component outside (which tends to be the noisy component) and the other on the inside, which is the more quiet component that delivers the cool or warm air.

Reverse cycle simply means the air conditioner can deliver both hot and cold air.

Wall mounted split systems are designed to heat or cool single rooms.  Although air may flow to other rooms, the operator has only limited control over the air in rooms other than where the air conditioning unit is installed.

Panasonic Air Conditioning Split System

How does it work?

The reverse cycle split system air conditioner has one component inside and one outside

The reverse cycle systems work via heat exchange, with both the inside and outside units containing coils with refrigerant that a fan blows over to provide either warm or cool air.

Depending on whether you want it to cool or heat the home, the inside unit draws heat our of the home (to cool it) or draws it inside (to heat it).

The outside unit is the noisiest part as this is where the compressor is housed.

The team from Peninsula Air Conditioning draw upon their experience (and their local knowledge) to ensure the units are placed in the best possible location and the most suitable size and design.

A unit that is too big temperature changes may not be as immediate as in the case of a smaller unit.  A unit that is too big will turn off quickly when the set temperature has been reached and will then remain off for three minutes, which will leave the room uncomfortable until it kicks in ahead.  It may then turn on with a burst creating further discomfort.

The life of an air conditioner will also be much shorter if it is not being regulated correctly and, naturally, it will also be putting an added strain on the power supply and therefore your hip pocket.

The latest technology

Peninsula Air Conditioning ensures it installs units that make the most of the latest technology.

This can include:

  • Inverts to enable the compressor to automatically vary its speed, and capacity. It will work down to 30% when the heat load is small (internal doors closed, moderate weather conditions), and up to 120% when the heat load is high (internal doors open, extreme weather conditions). This means it’s cheaper to run.
  • The inclusion of advanced coil protection provides corrosion resistance.  This is included as standard with all installations.
  • A turbo function can enable the air conditioning unit to more quickly reach the desired set temperature by operating the unit at its maximum capacity until that temperature is reached.
  • An intelligent four-way multi-directional air-flow function provides good air circulation and consistent comfort your room, by adjusting the louvres in four ways – left to right and up to down.
  • A Sleep function adjusts the temperature for the first 2 hours by 1ºC per hour, then keeps it at a set temperature for the next 5 hours before automatically turning off, maximising your comfort while you sleep.

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