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iZone reverse cycle air conditioning

Planning on building a new home?  Don’t forget to include plans for air conditioning.

As you can appreciate, it’s much less disruptive and cheaper if you include allowances for heating and cooling before you start adding walls, ceilings and floors to your home construction.

Too often air conditioning is considered after the home is built, largely due to budget constraints.  This may mean that, in the long run, you won’t end up with the most cost-effective heating and cooling option, and could actually cost you more.

As well as being more restrictive and potentially more expensive, the installation of some air conditioning systems after the home is built can impact on the structural integrity of the home and may even void warranties.

Peninsula Air Conditioning can work with you to design an air conditioning system even before your home is constructed.

So when looking at air conditioning for your new home it is very important to ensure, right at the start, that your home has been engineered properly with regards to roof truss design, power supply, gas supply, slab design and energy design.

And, with 20 years’ experience in designing solutions for Yorke Peninsula families, Peninsula Air Conditioning will design the right solution for your home, your family and your lifestyle.

Reverse cycle air conditioningPeninsula Air Conditioning uses only quality products, including components that make up your new heating or cooling system.

We select components that will maximise airflow and minimise noise levels.  We will work closely with you to ensure you have the right system to suit you.

To arrange an obligation-free assessment of your air conditioning needs for your new home call us today on 08 8825 2076 to make an appointment.


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