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Air Conditioning & Your New Home 


iZone reverse cycle air conditioningThis is a very exciting time for you and your family, because you are finally getting the space you need and want.

At this stage you probably have the dining room table laid out full of brochures on new kitchens, carpets, blinds, paint colours, furniture and the latest 75″ plasma for the games room. Stop right there! This is all well and good, but what about those hot summer days and cold winter nights?

The idea that you can install the air conditioning after you move in is a common mistake when building a new home and can present a number of problems and risks. Air conditioning is something that requires both sound engineering and design to suit the home you are seeking to build.

Our experience has shown that making the mistake of waiting till after you move in to install air conditioning presents a high risk of either voiding your builder’s structural warranty, increasing post build costs (i.e. power, or gas upgrades), or not being able to have the system you want and need because of limitations in the initial engineering plans.

So when looking at air conditioning for your new home it is very important to ensure, right at the start, that your home has been engineered properly with regards to roof truss design, power supply, gas supply, slab design and energy design.

With over 45 years of knowledge and expertise in integrating air conditioning systems into new homes, Peninsula Air Conditioning is able to meet all your builder’s requirements in design and engineering. And, with 20 years’ experience in designing solutions for Yorke Peninsula families, Peninsula Air Conditioning will design the right solution for your home, your family and your lifestyle.


Reverse cycle air conditioningWith a large range of systems available, we have the right one for you. A simple consultation with one of our Senior Air Specialists and we will design the right solution for you and your family. And we will make sure this is integrated into your home design and engineering.


Quality components are also important to ensure that your new system operates effectively, keeps you comfortable and saves you running costs. Peninsula Air Conditioning prides itself in selecting the right ducting and fittings. The smooth internal surfaces of these products minimise noise levels and maximise airflow, to optimise your system’s performance.

All systems are fitted with a Profiler Metal Return Air hinged grille (with filter) to further optimise system performance and air quality, and with Ezycollar moulded air volume balancing blades to ensure smooth, efficient and versatile operation.

Peninsula Air Conditioning has a 10 year warranty on parts and labour that includes our zone motors, Y branch fittings and return air systems.

To ensure that you address these types of issues, quite simply ask your sales consultant, or builder to have one of Peninsula Air Conditioning’ Senior Air Specialists design a system that suits your new home.

Or call us direct on 08 8825 2076 to arrange an obligation free solution for your home.